Our Current Research

We fund research into many serious illnesses and conditions that impact the lives of children and their families.

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Working together with children, whanau and their communities to improve health, development and school readiness among vulnerable children and families in the Tamaki community

Can provision of health, developmental and educational assessments help ensure all children in the Tamaki area are healthy, socially, emotionally and developmentally when starting school?

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Vitamin D used to prevent hospital readmissions with acute lower respiratory infections (ALRIs)

A randomised controlled trial to determine whether vitamin D supplementation in children for 12 months reduce the number of hospital readmission for ALRIs compared to the control group.

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Ventilator gas flows and bronchopulmonary disease in preterm babies: a randomised controlled trial

A trial into the effects of low ventilator flows compared with standard flows, to attempt to reduce lung injury in extremely preterm babies, thereby improving long-term health.

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Using robots to increase the mobility of children with cerebral palsy

The use of robotic therapy to aid children with cerebral palsy to develop more effective gait patterns enabling them to walk faster, for longer periods of time, and with a more natural style.

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Transform a tooth with a transformer tooth: a novel approach for child oral health

A randomised control trial assessing the effectiveness of placing a stainless steel crown over decayed primary molar teeth in children to improve dental hygiene.

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Towards human translation of gene-therapy for Batten disease

This project will refine current methods of gene therapy in a sheep model with the aim of expediting the therapy to clinical trials.

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The search for new drugs to fight drug-resistant staphylococcal skin infections

The search for, and assessment of, resilient antibiotics for effective treatment of skin infections through the screening of a unique collection of native New Zealand fungi.

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A randomised controlled trial (RCT) using sildenafil aiming to improve the outcomes of babies with slowed growth in the womb

Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) can result in severe health complications and currently has no treatment. This study will seek to improve the growth of these vulnerable infants.

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