Genetic Anomalies

We're currently researching into Genetic Anomalies

One in 30 children are born with a congenital malformation, many life-threatening, requiring long-term health treatment.

Early detection of bacteria in the lungs using a non-invasive breath test?

Laboratory analysis of mucus build up in the cystic fibrosis lung to determine an effective breath testing diagnostic of harmful bacteria.

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Inherited heart conditions – National Screening Programme

This study aims to reduce sudden death in the young through increased detection and management of inherited heart diseases via the development of a national registry and by developing genetic tests for clinicians and coroners.

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Innovative therapies for Batten disease and childhood epilepsy

Can the use of cannabis-derivatives reduce the distressing symptoms associated with Batten disease and other childhood epilepsies?

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Investigating a novel gene therapy in a form of Batten disease

Using an alternative treatment to combat CLN6 Batten disease in a naturally occurring mouse model.

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A novel gene therapy for Batten disease

Gene therapy that has proved successful in preclinical trials for one form of Battens diseases will now be tested in another form with the hope that if successful, the method can too move forward to clinical trials.

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Optimising babies weight through nutritional intervention in obese mothers

A sustainable nutritional intervention in overweight mothers to reduce the cycle of obesity and its adverse effects on children.

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Towards human translation of gene-therapy for Batten disease

This project will refine current methods of gene therapy in a sheep model with the aim of expediting the therapy to clinical trials.

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