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Family Ambassadors

We are proud to call more than 40 brave kids from NZ our treasured ambassador families.

Cure Kids


Finlay has lived with type -1 diabetes since he was three-years-old.

Meet Finlay
Cure Kids


A few hours after her birth, pediatricians confirmed that Jenna was born with down syndrome, this had gone undetected throughout what was a normal, healthy pregnancy.

Meet Jenna
Cure Kids


In 2012, Caleb began to feel dizzy and experienced tunnel vision while playing sports. Blood tests revealed he has Long QT Syndrome.

Meet Caleb
Cure Kids


Connor was initially labeled as a ‘problem child’ during his kindergarten years. He was unsettled, getting into trouble a lot and would not listen to his teachers.

Meet Connor
Cure Kids


Greer was a toddler when she fainted at pre-school. Her mum Karlene took her to the doctor for a blood test suspecting anaemia.

Meet Greer
Cure Kids


James was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) when he was two-years-old.

Meet James
Cure Kids


Jorja was 19-months-old when she reached for a hot cup of tea and it spilt down her neck and chest.

Meet Jorja
Cure Kids


Katie developed at a normal rate until she was two-years-old. Shortly after, her parents noticed that Katie’s development began to slow, particularly her speech.

Meet Katie
Cure Kids


At only fifteen-months-old, Lucian spent six months in Blenheim Hospital waiting for a diagnosis.

Meet Lucian
Cure Kids


Lukas was born three weeks preterm, spending the first three and a half weeks of his life in neonatal care. Leaving neonatal care, Lukas failed a hearing test and was later diagnosed with high frequency hearing loss.

Meet Lukas