Our brave ambassador Anneliese is 12 years old and was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes when she was nine.

Anneliese’s mum, who also lives with type-1 diabetes, decided to do a blood test at home after noticing Anneliese was very thirsty and had lost a significant amount of weight over a week period. Horrified by the number that appeared on her test, Anneliese was raced to hospital and  the roller coaster began of pricking, needles, and a complete new regime to life.

Anneliese regularly tests herself – five times a day, continuously counting her carbohydrates and calculating how much insulin to give herself. She also treats herself every time her bloods get low – with glucose and food. Every three months she is seen at the hospital by her diabetes team – dietician, diabetes nurse educator and her paediatrician. Here they talk about diet, exercise, and environmental factors that may have an impact on her blood sugars.

As an active and independent young woman, Anneliese doesn’t like to let her diabetes get in the way of anything! She loves playing both summer and winter hockey, she enjoys her singing and drama, and is always getting involved with school life. 

Anneliese lives with her mum, dad and her younger brother, Josh. At this stage they have no pets – but Anneliese is working very hard to have fantastic results from her blood tests as her parents have promised her that if she does, she can have her dream dog.

Currently there is no cure for type-1 diabetes. Cure Kids has funded research by Cure Kids’ first Professorial Chair of Child Health and board member, Professor Bob Elliott, to try to prevent type-1 diabetes as well as find a cure via transplantation of new insulin producing cells. This has been a world leader. Click here to read more about Cure Kids-funded research into Type-1 Diabetes

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