Connor Lehan

Connor was initially labeled as a ‘problem child’ during his kindergarten years. He was unsettled, getting into trouble a lot and would not listen to his teachers.

These behaviors continued to affect Connor into his primary school years. It wasn’t until he was in his third year of primary school, that one of his teachers suggested he could be showing signs of having Asperger’s syndrome.

This prompted his family to seek medical advice. After several months of working with specialists, Connor was diagnosed with a combination of ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome and Oppositional Defiant Disorder – a condition where a child displays uncooperative, defiant and hostile behaviors.

Connor now takes medication that helps him focus on his day-to-day activities. His medication has made a great difference in his behavior.

Thanks to the support from his teachers, family and doctors; Connor now leads a happier life. He loves playing video games, making mine craft videos for YouTube and playing hockey.

Connor’s household includes, mum Lisa, dad Duane, brother Aidan and Neo the cat.

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