Georgie was diagnosed with asthma and prescribed Singulair tablets, Salbutamol & Flixotide. 

Sometime after Georgie’s first birthday, she began to experience breathing difficulties. Any hint of a sniffle, change in weather or season brought on wheeziness and intense coughing.

Georgie suffered regular bouts of croup, always at night and often accompanied by a visit to Shore Care for steroid treatment. Around that time Georgie was diagnosed with asthma and prescribed Singulair tablets, Salbutamol & Flixotide. 

Despite doctors’ hopes she may have grown out of her asthma by now, she is still regularly knocked sideways by asthma episodes. Not being able to breathe is frightening & distressing, and during these bouts Georgie is weak, pale & listless. Georgie is on long-term preventative asthma medication, occasional steroid treatment for flare-ups, and doesn’t go anywhere without her blue inhaler, just in case. 

When she’s well, Georgie is an outdoor fiend. She’s the best climber we know, and spends lots of time in her favourite tree in her back garden. She’s crazy about her bike & loves getting muddy in the outdoors. Georgie plays netball & rippa rugby, and has just passed her yellow belt grading in karate.

She’s also mad on swimming, and is an expert Minecrafter. Her dream is to live on a farm and be surrounded by animals, especially dogs and ponies. Though she lives in an Auckland suburb, Georgie is lucky to have her grandfather’s farm in Taupo to get her rural fix during school holidays. 

One in seven New Zealand children have asthma, and respiratory disease is the third  leading cause of death in New Zealand.

Cure Kids co-funded a trial Professor Ed Mitchell and his team to test the efficacy of a new smart-inhaler, SmartTrack, which uses ringtones as cues to children on asthma medication if they’ve missed a dose. Preventive medication, when taken consistently, improves overall health and reduces the need for reliever medication.

The trial showed, those kids receiving the audio-visual (AV) reminders were three times more likely to comply with their medication than the control group (with the AV reminders turned off); a staggering result. Corresponding improvements in other indicators were also observed.

SmartTrack also has the added benefit of providing detailed feedback to medical practitioners about patterns of use. It is a great tool to improve asthma treatment, and reduce its alarming health statistics. Learn more about SmartTrack.

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