Sahara was almost 12 years old when she first began to feel tired and noticed bruises on her legs.

Then she started having nosebleeds. Sahara’s mum took her to the doctor twice to get a red mark under her eye checked. Twice they were told the mark was nothing. A year later it was revealed to be a sign of low platelets.

After developing a temperature, initially thought to be a virus, a routine blood test revealed Sahara had acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL).

She was admitted to Starship Hospital where she remained for two months.

Sahara has been through two and a half years of daily chemotherapy.

She has suffered a stroke, renal failure, lost her hair five times and endured many midnight dashes to the hospital.

Despite all this, Sahara continues to smile and sees the world in a positive light. She has an incredible lust for life!

Sahara is now in remission and doing fantastically at school. She is now back playing netball and loving it.

Sahara lives in Auckland with her mum and her younger sister Sanchia.

Sahara is very passionate about music and dreams of a singing career.

Cure Kids currently funds research which aims to bring about the development of more effective, safer targeted treatments for ALL.

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