Avis Budget Cure Kids 1000

Frequently asked questions


When do I need to pay my $100 registration fee?
Payment must be made online at the time of registration. We cannot confirm your team’s place on the rally without full payment of each team member. A donation receipt can be provided.

If I can’t go and need to pull out, will I be able to transfer the registration fee to the following year as credit?
No, registration is non-refundable but can be transferred to another person provided they provide the correct information and is signed off by event organisers.

If I sign up, do I have to come up with the $500 per team member fundraising amount straight away?
No – but you will need to have raised the full amount two days before the event start date on the 27th of September.

If you are struggling with fundraising, you can seek help and advice by contacting Jordan at Cure Kids.


Can I use my own vehicle?
Yes. However, only vehicles where an effort has been made to dress them up will be eligible to win prizes.

Do we need to purchase and/ or register a car before we register?
No, you do not, but you will need to have purchased and registered a car at least two weeks before the event and have it approved by event organisers.

Do we need a spare tyre and is this included in the value of the car? 
Each team must have 1 spare tyre, which is also exempt from the value of the car.

Can I decorate my car?
Yes, definitely! Crazy car decorations are a big part of the rally. The bonnet and two front doors will be needed for sponsors and organiser’s stickers so keep those areas clear for them, the rest is up to you.

Are the cars insured under Avis Budget?
No, they are insured under your name and therefore your responsibility. If the car dies, it’s up to you to get rid of it or transfer the ownership to someone else. Most mechanics will be happy to take a car off your hands for nothing.

How do we go about buying a cheap car specifically for the rally if I don’t want to use my own?
You can purchase your own car and have its value verified by event organisers in the lead up to the event, or you can request assistance in finding a car from event organisers before you register.



Can I get local businesses or community groups to sponsor my car?  
Yes, car sponsorship is allowed and encouraged. We will be giving all rally participants full information about this but let us give you a quick run-down now.

Can sponsors be supplied with a receipt, so that the donation could be recorded for tax purposes?
Yes, a donation receipt can be issued by Cure Kids, (this is GST exclusive).

Do all of the funds raised go to Cure Kids?

  • 100% of the $500 per person, per team raised by each team will go towards Cure Kids Child Mental Health Research.
  • The $100 registration payment per team member registration fee will be used for event running costs.



Can we join forces with another team for fundraising efforts? $500 per person, per team.
Yes, and you can divide your fundraised dollars between the teams.  Of course, each car/team must be registered, accepted and confirmed on the rally separately.   You can use the same team name if you like, but to save confusion add a number like a 1 or 2 at the end of the name. Each car/team must raise the $500.00 minimum per person entered.

What is the maximum number of people we can have in each car?
Four people.

Can I enter a motorbike?
No, unfortunately, motorbikes aren’t allowed due to practicalities and safety.



Do we drive to the start line and is that at our expense? When should we arrive?
How you get to the start line is up to you (you can freight the car if you like) and yes, it is at your cost. All teams need to be at the starting point at Peppers Clearwater Resort, Christchurch to depart by 7:30am, Friday the 27th of September.

How do we get back from the finish line and who pays for that? How long do we spend at the finish destination?
You need to arrange your own transport home at your own expense. The prize giving will be held on the evening of the day we arrive back at the finish line, so we suggest booking both Friday and Saturday night at the finish location (at least).

How do we get any excess gear back home?
We aim to get a freight company on board to assist with this at good rates, but any cost for this will still have to be covered by you. There will be a few of us with toolboxes etc. Costs should not be massive for getting them back.

I don’t know much about cars – can I still do the rally?
Yes you can. Lots of people on the rally are in the same position, so you don’t need to have any mechanical knowledge at all.  By the end of the rally you’ll certainly know more than you did when you started. And there will be people in your buddy group that you travel with that can help you out. That includes a dedicated mechanical support crew that travel with us.

Are we able to generate our own media attention?
Yes, and we welcome all the help we can get. We have prepared media tips and materials to help teams generate their own publicity. Your social media networks are also very important to the rally.

Are the teams covered under Avis Budget or Cure Kids Public Liability Insurance?
While the rally has Public Liability Insurance, we cannot cover all of the teams in the rally, so this is a no. In most personal insurance policies (such as home contents) there will be a clause about liability insurance, so you are usually covered via your own insurance anyway.