The Building Hope Project

A Landmark Build for Cure Kids

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The Building Hope project is a very special initiative inspired by Corin’s story

Corin has a rare genetic condition – he lacks elastin in the arteries and veins, causing them to close up. Corin is one of 40 people around the world with the condition.

Tragically, Corin’s parents, Jon and Myka Copeland lost their first son, Tyler, to the same condition in 2007 – he was just 3 months old.

Corin, now 9 years, has managed to defy the odds. Life isn’t easy though.

Corin breaths through a windpipe as small as a straw. He has a stenosis of the aorta, pulmonary arteries, carotid arteries, renal arteries and his right femoral artery is completely blocked, but he has a natural bypass with his pelvic artery. Read more about Corin’s story here.

Led by Landmark Homes North Shore & Rodney

The Building Hope project is led by Landmark Homes North Shore and Rodney franchisees Debbie and Paul Brett, where Corin’s dad Jon works as the Project Manager.

Inspired by Corin and Jon’s story, Debbie and Paul wanted to do something tangible to help kids like Corin who are living with heart-breaking conditions.

They have generously undertaken the build of an incredible 272 sqm, four-bedroom home located in Hobsonville, which will be auctioned off for Cure Kids during their largest annual appeal, ‘Red Nose’ month this September.

“Since gaining an understanding of the challenges that the Copeland family face every day we have been keen to be involved with an organisation such as Cure Kids, whose vital research offers hope for families and children with chronic health conditions,” says Paul Brett.

Landmark Homes North Shore & Rodney will not make any profit from the build and the generosity of suppliers has enabled considerable cost savings along the way.

Cure Kids has been overwhelmed by the support of Landmark Homes North Shore & Rodney and its suppliers to get the house under construction, and the Cure Kids community is excited to watch the build unfold.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together and lay strong foundations for a brighter future for children who live with life-impacting and life-limiting health conditions.

“The Copeland family are loved ambassadors of our Cure Kids family and we are so grateful that  Jon passionately  took the initiative and got this project off the ground.  Together, Cure Kids and Landmark Homes North Shore and Rodney are building hope that one day, we’ll find the treatments and cures which our children need,” say Frances Benge, Cure Kid’s CEO.

About the house:

  • 236sqm
  • 4 bedroom
  • Located in Hobsonville
  • Auction date: Sept 27th, 2019
  • Proceeds from the sale go to Cure Kids

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