Professor Sally Merry

Professor Sally Merry holds the Cure Kids Duke Family Chair in Child and Adolescent Mental Health at the University of Auckland.

“I am a trained child and adolescent psychiatrist, and founded the Werry Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, based in the Department of Psychological Medicine at the University of Auckland.

At the heart of my work is investigating insights into the causes of mental health conditions and developing research-led treatments and prevention strategies with the aim of improving outcomes for young people and their families. My work is specifically focussed on e-therapies.

Recognising the growing use of smart technology amongst children and adolescents, I work with my team seeking to harness this potential by developing engaging and immersive therapies that can be utilised in the homes of children and families living with a mental health issue.

Cure Kids funding allows us to be ambitious in our thinking as we try to tackle the important issue of mental health for our young people. Ongoing secured funding has enabled us to focus on how we might use technology to support young people to be resilient, and support parents to raise resilient children.”

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Professor Sally Merry

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