Cure Kids Ventures

Cure Kids Ventures (CKV) is a vital part of Cure Kids’ vision of a healthy childhood for everyone.

CKV is a seed and early stage investment fund that invests in the commercialisation of healthcare innovation in products and services with a potential to benefit child health.

CKV has established a reputation in the investment community as an informed and value-added healthcare investor. In addition to investment funds, CKV provides healthcare industry specific expertise and access to industry networks.

CKV is an approved partner of the New Zealand Government’s Venture Investment Fund (NZVIF) Seed Co-Investment Programme, which invests alongside CKV. CKV has also attracted a growing number of high net worth investors interested in supporting emerging healthcare companies.


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CKV’s portfolio companies

Since 2008, CKV has invested in 16 companies with products and services covering medical devices, medications, diagnostics, health information and healthcare delivery systems. At the end of September 2017, CKV launched the CKV C0-Fund to enable investors who are interested in emerging healthcare companies to invest alongside CKV.