Fundraise At Work

Make a difference to the health of Kiwi kids by supporting Cure Kids through your work.

How to get started:

  1. Talk to your colleagues about Cure Kids and why your work should support the vital medical research that we fund.
  2. Decide on what fundraising you would like to get involved in, whether it be a one off event, staff challenges or ongoing support, such as payroll giving.
  3. Set up a fundraising page or get in touch with or 09 370 0222.


Tips & Tricks:

  • Get your colleagues involved – if you do a fundraiser at work like a bake sale, it gives everyone an opportunity to contribute, whether it be through donating money, or their time.
  • Ask for support. So many of us are lucky to work for community minded organisations – ask them to promote your event internally, or match your fundraising.
  • Spread the word – send out a staff email, or include your fundraising in your internal newsletter with a link to donate.
  • Provide an incentive for people to donate. Dye your hair, run a paintball gauntlet, or even skydive if you hit your fundraising target. The options are endless!
  • Organising an event is an easy way to hit your fundraising target fast. Most events can be combined with a raffle or auction to increase the amount of money you raise.
  • We are happy to talk you through planning an event – so please get in touch anytime for help!


  • Organise a sweepstake
  • Give up something you love – coffee, wine, chocolates…
  • Organise a raffle – people love the chance to win something!
  • Challenge another department or your neighbours at work to see who can raise the most – the winning team gets to decide what the losing team has to wear to work the next day, onesies anyone?!
  • Introduce an office swear jar
  • Hold an internal garage sale
  • Organise a bake sale, smoothies morning, gourmet lunch or afternoon tea. Ask for a minimum donation.