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Kiwis Cure Batten

Through the love of our national ball game and the power of music, we have set a mighty goal to unite Kiwis, support the All Blacks, and create a world free of Batten disease.

Kiwis Cure Batten is a rallying cry for all Kiwis to join Cure Kids in a global movement to help raise funds to find a cure for children living with Batten disease.

Batten disease is an inherited collection of brain diseases that robs apparently healthy children of the ability to walk, talk and feed, and eventually leads to death. Symptoms can be likened to a combination of epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and blindness.

At present, there are no effective forms of treatment for the devastating disease – it always results in premature death.

In 2012 Cure Kids funded pre-clinical research which has proven to be curative for a form of Batten disease. We are now working with the research teams to progress this work to the point where human trials could commence.

The findings of this New Zealand-led research are significant for the international research community, as well as families and children worldwide living with Batten disease, providing genuine hope.

Through the #KiwisCureBatten campaign, we partnered with the All Blacks and release the collaborative song ‘Team Ball Player Thing’, with the aim to raise as much money possible to tackle Batten disease.

Join us to help Kiwis Cure Batten