Finlay's parents take on a big [apple] challenge

“Life can throw some interesting challenges at you, this is something that I’ve learnt in my 42 years of life.  I felt leading up to Christmas that I was missing something, a personal goal to strive for I guess….  Little did I know what this goal would end up being.

With life you never know what’s around the corner and that’s why in our family we are about making memories and when you’re making these memories if you can also make a difference in the lives of others it’s even more powerful.

When our son Finlay was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age three years old, our life changed forever – in that moment, when they delivered his diagnosis we were in shock and this shock lasted quite some time for me and still to this day it makes me feel emotional just thinking about that day.  When the fog started to clear, I felt compelled to do something for the greater good and signed up to do my first ever (and at the time I thought last) half marathon – I did this for a charity that was focused on Type 1 Diabetes research at the time.   I did remember thinking when I was coming up to the finish line “why would anyone in their right mind run a marathon… at this point you are half way”…..

A year later our family met with the CureKids team and we were welcomed into their Ambassador family, it’s been so inspiring to meet the other ambassador families and has really opened our eyes to the phenomenal work that CureKids does.

I never in a million years thought I’d ever be running a marathon, but here we are, never say never I say!  And even crazier, my husband, Peter is going to do it too.  Being there together, for Cure Kids and for our son Finn brings tears to my eyes – knowing that this will be the toughest physical challenge we’ve ever done, but knowing that we are doing it to help raise funds to improve health outcomes for lots of kiwi kids will get us out there training hard and then on the day, running a very long way.  I am very excited by this opportunity and knowing that at the end we can say “We helped fund this research” is very powerful.  I am so proud to be a part of this and when you see the faces of the kids that face serious health challenges every day, what’s 42kms right! 😉

Let’s do this.”

– Bernadette Sharkey-Burns (Finlay’s Mum)


Bernadette and Peter have set a fundraising goal of $10,000 for Cure Kids. Click here to help them reach their target. 


Want to join Bernadette on this life-changing adventure?

You can take part in the mind-blowing New York City Marathon and be part of Cure Kids’ incredible team of people who are committed to achieving a major life goal while raising funds for child health research in New Zealand.

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