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We're currently researching into Disability

Disability is an umbrella term for many conditions that might impair a childs ability to perform an activity in a manner or range considered normal for a human being of that developmental stage.

In Progress

Human gall balder epithelium treatment of haemophilia

Can encapsulated human gall bladder cells produce sufficient amounts of the blood clotting protein, Factor VIII, to protect the body against excessive bleeding?

Improving the eyesight of children using a tablet computer

Exploration of different methods to improve the diagnostic screening of amblyopia (͞lazy eye͟)to facilitate early treatment to prevent an enduring impact on vision.

Re-vascularisation of the femoral head in the initial phase of Perthes disease

Re-vascularisation of the femoral head in the initial phase of Perthes disease Dr David Kieser University of Otago, Christchurch What…

Using robots to increase the mobility of children with cerebral palsy

The use of robotic therapy to aid children with cerebral palsy to develop more effective gait patterns enabling them to walk faster, for longer periods of time, and with a more natural style.

Recently Completed

Detecting amblyopia more accurately using tablet-based technology

This project build on a seed grant received last year, and it seeks to improve the accuracy of out-of-date card/chart based tests that are notorious for over-diagnosing.

Engineering full thickness human skin for the treatment of burn injury

This project will test new methods of engineering large areas of full-thickness skin for three dimensional grafts for burns patients.