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Disability is an umbrella term for many conditions that might impair a childs ability to perform an activity in a manner or range considered normal for a human being of that developmental stage.

In Progress Research

Supporting eyewear compliance for amblyopia

Dr Joanna Black University of Auckland Amblyopia, often referred to as ‘lazy eye’, is a common visual disorder affecting around one in 30 children. The condition is characterised by a deficit in visual acuity (clarity of vision) usually in one eye, which can significantly impact on a child’s educational development. Standard treatment involves wearing spectacles with an obscured lens over…

Improving the eyesight of children using a tablet computer

Professor Steven Dakin University of Auckland What is the problem and who does it affect? Amblyopia, colloquially referred to as ‘lazy eye’, is a developmental disorder characterised by reduced vision in one eye. It is the most common cause of visual impairment in childhood, affecting one in 30 children. Long-term functional consequences of amblyopia are poor acuity (sharpness of sight)…

Recently Completed Research

Re-vascularisation of the femoral head in the initial phase of Perthes disease

Dr David Kieser University of Otago, Christchurch What is the problem and who does it affect? An estimated 50 children each year in New Zealand are affected by the life-changing bone disorder, Perthes disease. It occurs as a result of avascular necrosis on the upper thigh bone – known as the femoral head –  which essentially means there is insufficient…

Using robots to increase the mobility of children with cerebral palsy

Dr Andrew McDaid University of Auckland What is the problem and who does it affect? Cerebral palsy (CP) describes a group of developmental disorders of movement and posture that are caused by disturbances that occurred in the developing fetal or infant brain. CP is the most common cause of childhood disability and is associated with over-tight muscles (spasticity) that can…

Real stories of kids living with a Disability


Leaving neonatal care, Lukas failed a hearing test and was later diagnosed with high…

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Mykal has spastic dystonic quadriplegia (cerebral palsy) and has had too many surgeries to count…

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