Professor Jane Harding

Professor Jane Harding's research investigates how events and interventions during pregnancy, birth and the newborn period affect the health of mothers and babies.

Professor Jane Harding, is a neonatologist (Paediatrician who specialises in the care of newborn babies) and undertakes research with a multidisciplinary team of students, clinicians, scientists and support staff.

They are investigating how events and interventions during pregnancy, birth and the newborn period affect mothers’ health and babies’ growth, development, and long term health. Currently, one of her main areas of research is about blood sugar levels in newborn babies.

Her team have conducted a world-first trial where they showed that dextrose gel massaged into the inside of a baby’s cheek can be used to treat hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels), reducing the need for admission to intensive care for treatment on a drip. This has led to studying whether dextrose gel can be used to prevent hypoglycaemia in babies who are at risk, as well as studying the later outcomes of these babies, to determine at what levels hypoglycaemia should be treated to avoid brain injury, and if these interventions provide any significant benefits for later in childhood growth, development and educational achievement.

Research Projects

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