Associate Professor Lyndie Foster Page

A/ Prof Lyndie Foster Page's research aims to help improve the oral health of young children in NZ.

Associate Professor Lyndie Foster Page studied dentistry at Otago University and then specialised in Dental Public Health. She has worked in rural regions of New Zealand as a community dentist mainly involved in improving oral health care of children from birth to 18.

She then returned to academic life and research, older and wiser, and started to try and find innovative ways to improve the oral health of young children in NZ. Because of the strong public health service for children in NZ, it seemed appropriate to conduct the research in these communities. She has spent the last nine years investigating different options to improve oral health so that changes can be implemented nationally within the School and Community Oral Health Service. She is particularly interested in highlighting the impact that dental decay has on children and family’s quality of life and whether different treatments make a difference to the children. The voice of the child is important if we want to ensure future children do not suffer from anxieties related to dental treatment.

Research Projects