Trecia Wouldes

Dr Trecia Wouldes is Associate Dean (Equity) of the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences and Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological Medicine at the University of Auckland.

As a developmental scientist, Dr Wouldes is interested in the development of children born to mothers who have used drugs such as methamphetamine “P” during pregnancy. Her PhD was the first investigation of the effects of maternal methadone maintenance treatment on fetal and neonatal development. This research informed the design of the Methadone in Pregnancy longitudinal study at Canterbury University and led to several research collaborations.

Since 2005, Dr Wouldes has been Director of the NZ Infant Development, Environment, and Lifestyle (IDEAL) Study investigating the effects of “P”, a collaboration with researchers at Brown University and Universities in four U.S. states. She works with researchers at the Liggins Institute, investigating children at risk of neonatal hypoglycaemia. And since 2014, Dr Wouldes has been examining resilience in migrant youth with researchers from South Africa, Australia, Canada, the UK, and China. Recently, she began a study examining the resources available to treat methamphetamine dependence in Māori women with researchers at Te Tātai Hauora O Hine Centre for Women’s Health Research at Victoria University and Ngāti Pāhanauwera.

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