Addison's Personal Story

Addison got staphylococcal septicemia when she was just 4 years old. This is Addison's story, told in her own words.

“Hi, My name is Addison and I got really sick when I was 4 years old.    The doctors originally thought I just had a bad cold.  But one night when I was getting ready for bed we spotted a big bruise on my side.  I hadn’t moved off the couch much in 5 days so I couldn’t have bumped myself, so mum and dad took me to the hospital to get it checked.   From there on, things went downhill very quickly for me. It turned out I actually had staphylococcal septicemia, which is a major staph infection!

For those that don’t know what staph is, it can be a normal thing that lives on your skin and can sometimes cause minor skin infections like boils.  But if it gets into your bloodstream it can be fatal.   Unfortunately for me, it did get into my bloodstream and attached to my heart, my lungs and some of my joints and left me fighting for my life.   According to my mum and dad I am a pretty tough little cookie though and I fought very hard.   I was on IV antibiotics and had to have multiple surgeries and blood transfusions to try and get the infection out of my body.   I was in hospital for 2 months and I had to have 6 surgeries while I was there including surgery on my shoulders, my arm and my lungs.   The scary thing is we still don’t know how I got the infection –  it could have been a gum abscess that I had a month earlier, it could have been through mild eczema, we don’t really know.   This could happen to anyone.

Antibiotics saved my life. But due to increasing antibiotic resistance, doctors need funds to help them find new ones.  This is just one of the areas that Cure Kids is currently funding.

It took me a little while to get better, I did half days at school for my first year but have gradually built myself up to be the netball-playing, hip-hop dancing apple of my mums eye that I am today J

The infection has left permanent damage to my heart so I still go to Starship for regular checkups on my heart.   The orthopaedics team also keep an eye on my shoulders to make sure that the shoulder surgeries I had did not affect my growth plates.  So far so good!  But Mum and Dad said I would still look cute if one arm ended up longer than the other anyway 😉

I am very lucky to be a Cure Kids ambassador and I have made some great friends.  It’s nice to hang out with other kids who know what it’s like to live with a medical condition and there sure are some brave kids in our Cure Kids family who are great role models to me.”


Effective antibiotics saved Addison’s life. But, in a world of increasing antibiotic resistance, doctors won’t have the treatments needed to save lives like Addison’s. Which is why we need your help.


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