Katie’s Story

“The prospect that we won’t have antibiotics that work in 10 years is scary. For us antibiotics have been essential.

We know Katie has a terminal illness but keeping her comfortable is our priority and antibiotics have definitely contributed to this. Without antibiotics Katie would already be gone.

But, it is not only sick children like Katie who need antibiotics. Most of us have used them at some stage and we pretty much take them for granted.

The consequences of not having them available is huge. I think mortality rates and recovery times will skyrocket.

For our whole family the ramifications of a world without antibiotics are incomprehensible.”

– Lisa, Katie’s mum.

Katie (pictured above, middle) lives with Batten disease, a rare inherited neurodegenerative childhood disorder, which robs seemingly healthy young children of the ability to walk, talk and feed.

Currently, there is no cure, and no effective treatment. We are funding research investigating a novel gene therapy in a form of Batten disease.

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