Mike’s Story

“Mike was a healthy active 8-year-old boy until in June last year when, after a minor bike accident, he started to experience unexpected and acute leg pain. 

Suspecting some sort of joint inflammation, doctors x-rayed him but discovered nothing.  Six weeks later, after multiple more visits to the doctor, Mike was in agony and on a regular diet of pain medication that was barely taking the edge off.

After watching him crawl to the toilet early one morning at 3am I called an ambulance, panicked about what had reduced our son to a shell of his former self. During that time I certainly felt like a neurotic mother, but something also told me that there was seriously wrong with Mike and no one was listening. 

Eventually one day –  now in excruciating pain, vomiting and with a worrying rash I took him to Starship concerned that possibly he had meningitis– he was unable to walk, so I loaded him into a wheel chair, walked in and said, “there is something really wrong with my child and he needs to see someone right away.”

They initially thought he had an autoimmune condition but when he crashed having an MRI things started to feel really serious. 

He was on oxygen and receiving lots of fluids, at that point I genuinely thought we might loose our son.  It was terrifying. 

Finally there was a breakthrough. A blood test revealed that Mike had MRSA (methicillin resistant staphylococci’s aureus) – a bacterial infection that is resistant to most antibiotics. His body was essentially going into septic shock.  He was started immediately on an infusion of strong antibiotics and spent six weeks on IV antibiotics

There were at least a couple of times where we seriously thought Mike might die – it was a horrendous time. Luckily, he is a fighter and pulled through and his body responded to the treatment he was being given.   

It is now more than six months since we left hospital and Mike is still affected by the MRSA.  It took him weeks to regain any energy and now is still tires very easily. The doctors have said it will be around 18 months until he fully recovers. 

It turns out that when he had his bike accident he got a small scratch which became infected with MRSA.  This flourished in his blood stream and eventually lodged in his spine causing him terrible pain and other reactions.   What was a simple accident turned into a nightmare for our family and a life-threatening situation for our son.  We were so lucky that there was a couple of treatments that were still able to be used to help Mike.  We were very lucky.”

-Rebecca, Mike’s mum

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