Tiff’s journey with Eva

Tell us a bit about your family?

We are a busy noisy family of 5, Eva is our Cure Kids Ambassador she is 10 and lives with Gastrointestinal failure, I am  Mum Tiff  and I work for Cure Kids as the ambassador manager, I work directly with all the incredible families involved with Cure Kids.  Jason (Dad/StepDad ) is the west Manager at John Andrew ford and Mazda, Mela is 12 and loves dancing and we have a wee 2 year old named Cooper. The girls also have their Dad and Step mum. 

We have a giant extended family of also  noisy busy Aunts/ Uncles and Grandparents that makes any situation full on and fun. 

How did you get involved with Cure Kids?

An incredible man by the name of Mark Ching who is a key partner for Cure Kids put us in contact with the charity. We were living in hospital at the time struggling along totally lost and it changed our lives. I often say that to Mark whose response is I didn’t change it I reworked it , which is actually something I understood fully recently. At the time we were stuck and had lost hope, his intro to Cure Kids for us gave me Hope it reminded me what was important and what to focus on. I am eternally grateful to him for giving us our Cure Kid family but also for reminding us how precious life is.  

What has been the most challenging part of this journey?

Living in hospital  for six years watching Eva fight and fight and never having an answer. not knowing what the future holds but ensuring we don’t focus on that and focus on today. At times when we have been shaken by bad turns its been hard to not be angry at the world yet it all passes and you have the proof in front of you in your child of how beautiful the world is.  

How has it impacted your family and life?

I can’t even explain how it has, sure there are things we have missed out on and the horrific moments we would change in a heartbeat but …this whole journey has given us so much, taught us kindness, compassion, understanding, to live every moment and that the greatest gift we can give is to give be it love, time or fundraising. We are stronger, fiercer and braver then we ever would of been. When I say we I mean the kids have these attributes to their personalities too. its impacted us greatly, my heart has been smashed a thousand times but it has received  so much more joy and moments we shouldn’t of had to fill it.

Your family, and Eva are so brave, how do you stay strong through the toughest of times?

We laugh, we surround ourselves with our family and laugh ever at the most stupidest things. we focus on what we can change, by helping Cure Kids and trying to spread awareness.

What is the most important thing for your family?

Being together. Love and giving that love. 


If you could have one wish, what would it be?

Can I steal three ? For a cure for gastrointestinal, for the value of  child health research to be known by everyone  as it impacts us all. Or everyone to wake up everyday knowing it is good to be alive and how lucky we all are to be here. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to other parents / families going through a similar thing?

Focus on the good no matter how small is may seem, that little positive good thing can grow. Live every day as that day and make the most of it. Celebrate the wins and actually anything you can, and don’t dwell on the past or the what ifs. We all leave this world at some point some of us sooner then others but we have the ability to leave it a better place by helping others and its a great way of not dwelling on the hard times. 

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