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The thousands of Kiwi children and their families affected by serious health conditions inspire us to fund vital medical research. Read their stories here.

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Jackson’s Story

“Jackson’s journey began in October of 2009 when he appeared to be having difficulty…

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Mike’s Story

“Mike was a healthy active 8-year-old boy until in June last year when, after…

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Katie’s Story

“The prospect that we won’t have antibiotics that work in 10 years is scary. For…

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Emily & Evie

Emily and Evie are very close sisters; in fact they share more in common than…

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Addison’s Story

For the most part, Addison was a normal and healthy child.

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Jeremy’s Story

Born at 29 weeks and 5 days, little Jeremy was one of the approximately 780 babies…

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Finlay’s Story

“It’s interesting to look back on major life moments and how some of the…

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Lisa’s journey with Katie

Tell us a bit about your family? We are parents to 3 gorgeous kids,…

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