Addison was diagnosed with a staph infection, which caused damage to her heart.

Addison was diagnosed with staphylococcal (staph) septicemia when she was four years old. Doctors initially thought she just had a bad cold but within 5 days she was fighting for her life.  As the infection was in her bloodstream, it affected her heart, lungs and some of her joints.  She was in hospital for 2 months on IV antibiotics and had to have multiple surgeries on her shoulders, arm and lungs to help rid the infection from her body.  Although she won the battle against the infection, it has left permanent damage to her heart.   She is regularly monitored for tricuspid valve prolapse and despite getting a bit more tired than other kids her age, she certainly doesn’t let it stop her!  She is now 11 years old and loves netball and hip hop.  Addison lives at home with her Mum, Dad and big brother Luke.

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