Finlay has lived with type -1 diabetes since he was three-years-old.

The series of events that led up to his diagnosis was a scary time for his family. In a matter of weeks, they witnessed their little boy go from a healthy happy kid, to a child that was potentially fighting for his life.

A phone call that changed their lives forever was one from the hospital and the request was clear – Finlay is very sick and needs to get to the hospital quickly.

At the Hospital Emergency Department, Finlay was taken through a series of tests. Three hours later the diagnosis came in, Finlay was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes. If it had been 24-48 hours later, Finlay could have been fighting for his life.

A week’s stay in the hospital was required to stabilise him and teach his family how they needed to look after him.

Finlay’s day-to-day life is a constant routine of monitoring, calculating and balancing with the help of an insulin pump, but this does not stop Finlay from having fun. Those that know Finlay describe him as a little trooper, who takes everything in his stride.

Finlay was originally born in Copenhagen, Denmark, his family moved back to New Zealand three and half years ago where they now reside in Upper Hutt. Finlay is an adventurous boy who loves riding horses, riding his bike and playing Lego with his brother, Jack.

Currently there is no cure for type-1 diabetes. Cure Kids has funded research by Cure Kids’ first Professorial Chair of Child Health and board member, Professor Bob Elliott, to try to prevent type-1 diabetes as well as find a cure via transplantation of new insulin producing cells. This has been a world leader.


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