Jackson had a tumour the size of a tennis ball attached to his optic nerve.

Jackson’s mum refused to believe what she was being told – that her seven-year-old son was being naughty. Previously a fun-loving boy who enjoyed school, he was always tired and started complaining about having trouble seeing. He had his eyes tested, saw his doctor and they had made the same diagnosis: he had behavioural issues.

This mum knew her son better than anyone and after four months of specialists trying to find answers, she was adamant Jackson would not misbehave like that. So she took him to Starship Hospital. A CT scan found a tumour the size of a tennis ball attached to his optic nerve.

He was rushed to theatre to remove the fluid around his brain but because of the position, only part of the growth could be removed. Six weeks later it had doubled in size so he had another eight hours of surgery, and ended up celebrating his eighth birthday in hospital.

He cannot regain his lost sight and has a teacher’s aid at school. The great news is Jackson has finished chemo – but he will never be completely free of the tumour.

“It is devastating to think that if he had been diagnosed correctly his eyesight could have been saved,” says his mum Rosie.
Jackson lives with his mum, his older sister Talia, a cat called Slinky and Sasha a German shepherd. He loves to play the piano and is quite possibly the biggest Scooby Doo fan on the planet.

Brain tumours are the second most common cancer in young people after leukaemia. Cure Kids has funded research projects into brain tumours.

Jackson ready for his school ball 2018!


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