Louise Bicknell

Dr Bicknell's lab focuses on rare single-gene disorders of short stature and brain growth.

Dr Bicknell undertook her PhD at the University of Otago with Professor Stephen Robertson (Cure Kids Chair of Paediatric Genetics), before heading to the University of Edinburgh to study single gene disorders of growth. In 2015 she repatriated to New Zealand with a Rutherford Discovery Fellowship to establish her own research lab, continuing in genetics research.

Dr Bicknell’s lab focuses on rare single-gene disorders of short stature and brain growth and how fast our cells grow and divide during critical times of organism development. Her team use genetic data, cells and model systems to identify and characterise new disease genes, and take advantage of the latest technologies to propel their research, such as genome sequencing and CRISPR editing. As we understand the human genome better, Dr Bicknell’s longer-term goal is to investigate how additional genetic differences can influence the severity or prognosis of a condition, and thus be able to provide more information to families about what they could expect about the genetic condition their child has.

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Dr Louise Bicknell

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