Innovative new treatment for burn injuries

Since 2012, Cure Kids has supported exciting research focused on engineering human skin for the treatment of burn injuries using the patient’s own cells; a world-leading innovation that aims to become the gold standard for the treatment of burns worldwide.

A small sample of unburnt patient skin is used to quickly grow full-thickness, graftable skin in order to cover the patient’s burns. This novel approach addresses many of the challenges experienced with current treatments. Each year in New Zealand, almost 500 people are hospitalised with injuries from serious burns or scalds; 80% are children under 5.

In order to attract the level of investment required to deliver clinical trials, spin-out company, Upside Biotechnologies Ltd, has been established with investment from Cure Kids Ventures and a number of our supporters. $2.3m has been successfully raised, which will allow clinical trials to commence at the National Burn Centre at Middlemore Hospital early next year.

Cure Kids are delighted that our early-stage support of this world-class research is on the path to realising patient benefit.

Brayden, pictured above, received burns to 45% of his body in 2009 while cooking noodles. 


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