Cure Kids Ventures Feature: Firstcheck

Cure Kids Ventures is pleased to announce it has recently invested in Firstcheck – a New Zealand digital health company currently operating in the dermatology and skin disease space – and which has already expanded into Australia.

One of the many uses of Firstcheck’s telehealth platform is providing consumers direct smartphone access to skin specialist opinions on moles and lesions. New Zealand and Australia have the highest rates of skin cancer and skin disease in the world. Firstcheck is helping address these statistics by putting a skin specialist in every pocket and making ‘spot checks’ both convenient and affordable. In addition to skin cancer, the technology is also relevant to paediatric dermatology and other inflammatory skin conditions.

Firstcheck’s smartphone skin magnifier (lens attachment / dermoscope) enables users to capture high quality, highly-magnified photographs of the skin (and subsurface) using their smartphone. This enables diagnostic quality photos to be captured away from the clinic and to be sent via Firstcheck’s platform to doctors for advice. Customers already include Primary Health Organisations, dermatologists and GPs around the country.



Doctors have also seen the opportunities that Firstcheck’s technology opens up for cost-effective and accurate management and diagnosis of scabies.

Scabies is an infectious disease common in children and which presents diagnostic challenges. Scabies is prevalent worldwide, with an estimated 300 million cases, and studies indicate Oceania has some of the highest prevalence globally.

Firstcheck has been nominated for inclusion in further scabies clinical studies in 2018.   

To see Firstcheck in action you can watch the recent news coverage from 7 News Australia here and you can find out more about Firstcheck on their website at