Jenna’s Story

“Jenna’s first few years of her life were on antibiotics.

She had numerous surgeries and a very poor immune system.

Flu’s she caught ended up with us in Starship on steroids, and then we would have to combat days of highs, so much insulin to bring her back to a normal level you felt like you were damned if you didn’t and damned when you did, but the reality was if she didn’t have those antibiotics and steroids she wouldn’t be with us today.

The downside is that I worry about the amount of antibiotics she had back in those early days because she has built up an immunity to some, and when you’re juggling a bug and diabetes it can be super scary if her body rejects the antibiotics she needs to make her better.”

Jenna’s mum – Tracy.

Jenna lives with down syndrome, type-1 diabetes, hole in heart and alopecia.

Effective antibiotics have helped keep Jenna healthy. But, in a world of increasing antibiotic resistance, doctors won’t have the treatments needed to keep us healthy. Please join the fight against superbugs.

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